Ken Coles (1931-2010)

Building upon early interests in both photography and racing Ken Coles started taking racing photos in the 1940’s and became renowned by drivers, fans, and journalists across the circuits he followed throughout many decades of work. Ken was inducted into multiple motorsports halls of fame (including Michigan in 1987.) His work was published in many racing magazines and is known all over the world. As you will see in the images on this site Ken was known for his ability to capture images that truly convey the thrill and intensity of racing.

This site debuted shortly before Ken’s death and now lives on in memory of Ken, showcasing many of his Vintage Racing Pictures including Champ, Sprint, Midget, Indy, Stock and much more. All digital images have been uploaded from Ken’s original negatives and you can purchase professional prints (with many size and framing options) through this site. All profits go to help Ken's wife Christa and family.

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Michigan, Al Unser, Sneva, 1978

Michigan, Al Unser, Sneva, 1978


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